The beginning

Jaya Shiva Gorakshanath! Jaya Ma!
On this day, the day of Sharadiya Navaratri Mahotsava, I’m starting my blog and would like to believe that this auspicious day will crown every event with success. I would like to devote all my thoughts and feelings in this blog to God Shiva and Mother Goddess, as well to such great teachers like Gorakshanath, Sri Abhinava Gupta, Gautama Buddha, Shankaracharya and others. As well as those Gurus, I had met and had the honor to communicate with, and learn from, those who inspired me on my way, from whom I am continuing to learn in these days and whose unseen presence is always directs my actions, speech and thoughts. This blog is an attempt to discover the best that is in me and the rest of the people, because we all have a divine nature, we are all brothers and sisters of the one Father God and one Mother, who called in my religion Mahashakti Jagadamba.

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