Satsang of Yogi Matsyendranath Maharaj in Louviers (Normandie)

Unlike Toulouse, where participants were mostly yoga teachers, in Louviers (Normandie) came not only those who teach, but also who practice yoga for themselves. Definitely, I am happy that in France most people understand that yoga asanas are not designed for making the body clean-limbed, well-shaped and sexy, but to achieve samadhi, the aim of Raja-yoga. In my opinion, this tendency is connected with the fact that some Indologists and scholars specified the correct direction, that is what makes me happy. Although, as elsewhere, in France there is some percentage of yoga practitioners who are interested mainly in the material things. However, people in general still have an understanding of the importance of spiritual guidance. There is still work to be done, I mean meetings and satsangs, where I will try as much as possible to talk about Gorakshanath relying on how much people are ready for this. So far they are really appreciative audience.


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