The meeting with Andrew Harvey

Yesterday I communicated with a remarkable person, Andrew Harvey, he is an interesting and unique man from the USA. Here is his website:

I was struck by his unique vision, which he developed during the study of different forms of religious spiritual practices. He divided them into two categories, they are “warm” and “cold.” I am going to explain a little: “warm” are those religions where the emotional plane involved, such religions as Islam or Christianity, the religions of a prayer. “Cold” are those religions, which built on contemplation and mind tranquility, like Buddhism, or teachings focused on jnyana and etc. Andrew Harvey said that the best thing is the ability to combine both variations.

His explanation is very similar to the approach existing in the Gorakshanatha’s traditions, namely yoga (union) of the sun (ha) and moon (tha). We agreed that our next meeting in Melbourne we will devote the public program about Shaivism.

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