My visit to Guru Shri Shankarananda’s Ashram

A few days ago I was in Melbourne, where visited the Shiva Yoga Ashram founded by the Guru Shankarananda
I am happy that there are students of Svami Muktananda from Ganeshpuri (about whom I’ve heard a lot), Kashmir Shaivism practitioners in Australia.
Svamiji Shankarananda and Devi Ma were very hospitable, and all their students as well.
I was very touched by the traditional welcoming ceremony, which is not usual for Western culture.

Together with my students I attended the ceremony of Baba Nityananda Arati, satsang of Svamiji Shankarananda, where he introduced us to everyone. Then I performed agnihotra dedicated to Goddess Durga. The ritual was liked by all participants and we agreed to organize my mini-workshop on the theme of Agnihotra. Actually the very light and pure atmosphere reigns in this Ashram. Below you can see the photos of my visit to the Shiva Ashram: