The lecture for children about Gorakhnath

During my visit to Australia, when I was invited to participate in The Interfaith Religious Dialogue, my friend, John Dupuche (a Catholic priest and expert on Kashmir Shaivism), organized for me a meeting with children at school. This is the school for pupils who mostly from Catholic families. I was very impressed with those children, actually they are well educated and asked lots of questions about India and Gorakhnath. For my part, I gladly shared with them what I know about the Tradition and India. Generally, the school often organises meetings for children with representatives of different religions. There also were invited my friend Tenda, a Tibetan Lama, some Sufis whom I familiar with, and others. I decided to share with you my impressions in the form of photographs.

Children and teachers enjoyed our communication and they wanted me to give a yoga class on the next day. We performed a few easy asanas, breathing exercises and meditation on OM sound  Then, I explained how to perform bhramari-pranayama.